The Stowell line is the paternal line of my ancestry, and so starts with my late father Bertram Stowell(1) (1910-2003), who married Alice Thorburn Briggs (2) (1909-1999). The origins of the Stowell name are not altogether certain, and are discussed on a separate page.

Stowell generations

The generations of direct Stowell ancestors so far identified are:

Generation Stowell ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
R Bertram STOWELL (1) (1910-2003) Alice Thorburn BRIGGS(2) 1909-1999) 03 Oct 1933 at St. Aidans Presbyterian Church, Manchester
Q Percy STOWELL(19) (1872-1942) Rose Emily BERTRAM (20) (1882-1962) 2 Dec 1903 at St. Paul's, Portman Square, Marylebone
P Rev. Thomas Alfred STOWELL (68) (1831-1916) Emma TATHAM(69) (ca.1839-1921) 20 Oct 1861 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale
N Rev. Hugh STOWELL(70) (1799-1865) Anne Suzannah ASHWORTH (71) (1806-1889) 3 Dec 1828 at Eccles
M/N Rev. Hugh STOWELL(72) (1768-1835) Amelia CALLOW (73) (1777-1811) 20 Sep 1796 at Santon, Isle of Man
L Thomas STOWELL(75) (ca.1731-1807) Ann BROWN(76) (ca. 1739-1783)(2nd wife) 28 Oct 1759 at Braddan, Isle of Man
K Edward Stowell (Stoel) (219) Ann CAISMENT(220) 2 Jul 1726 at Maughold, Isle of Man
alternatively John STOALE(---) Margt. SCARFF(---) unknown

Stowell family members

My father, and his parents, have their separate pages, for links to which, see above. The earlier Stowell generations will also have their own pages in due course.

Rev.Thomas Alfred STOWELL

Thomas Alfred Stowell(68) was born in Salford in 1831. He was a Bridgman Exhibitioner at Queens College, Oxford and took his BA with honours in Lit. Hum. and Law in 1855 and his MA in 1856. He was ordained Deacon (in the Church of England) in 1857, and a Priest of the Diocese of Ripon in 1858. He was curate of Bolton, Yorks. until 1860, when he was appointed Perpetual Curate at St. Stephen Bowling, Bradford. He is so described in the 1861 census, when he was living at 6 Lansdowne Place, Bradford, aged 29 and as yet unmarried.

  T A  Stowell  
Canon T A Stowell(68)

In 1865, on the death of his father Canon Hugh Stowell(70), he was appointed Rector of Christ Church, Salford, his late father's living. There he remained until 1890, when he became Rector of Chorley, having been made an honorary Canon of Manchester Cathedral in 1889. In July 1891 he was appointed acting chaplain to the 3rd Lancashire Artillery Volunteers [Times 09 Jul 1891 quoting the Guardian]. His life, but not of course his marriage and family, up to the point where he removed to Chorley, is described in an article in the publication Manchester Faces and Places of July 1890. He retired from the living of Chorley in 1907, and there is in existence a family photograph taken I understand in 1911.

  T A Stowell and family  
T A Stowell and family

Thomas Alfred Stowell died at Southport, Lancs., on 10 Feb 1916, where his address was 10 Morley Road. An obituary appeared in the Manx Quarterly of Feb 10, 1916. Probate on his estate was granted in London on 25 March 1916 to Leonard Tatham gentleman, his brother-in-law, Alfred Stowell merchant his eldest son, and Richard Tatham Stowell solicitor.

On 8 Oct 1861,when he was still at Bradford, he married Emma Tatham(69) at Thornton-in-Lonsdale in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Keeping up the family productivity, Thomas and Emma had thirteen children, eight sons and five daughters.

Children of Thomas Alfred Stowell(68) and Emma Tatham(69)

Name Notes
Alfred Stowell(154) 1862-1937
Emma Tatham (Ettie) Stowell(104) 1863-1954. at Bradford (J A Stowell chart B-S831). In all of the England Census returns from 1871 to 1901 she is in the household of her parents. After her father's death in 1916, she looked after her mother. She died a spinster in 1954, aged 90 (GRO deaths index, Mar quarter, Westmorland S., vol.1b, p.664.)
Annie Irene Stowell(155) Born 1864 at Bradford. Looked after her uncle Leonard Tatham(137) at Lowfields, and later had a house in Kirby Lonsdale. Died a spinster in 1954, aged 89 (GRO deaths index, Mar quarter, Westmorland S. vol.1b, p.660.)
Ellen Cecelia Stowell(144) Born 12 Apr 1866 (J. A. Stowell chart B-S831, Oct 1993; one world tree), but I have not found her birth in the GRO births index. She married Dr. Hugh Kennedy BIRLEY(678) on 05 Jul 1900, when they were both already in their 30's, and the marriage was registered at Chorley in the Sep quarter (vol.8c, p.987) and was celebrated at Chorley parish church by the Rev. Canon Stowell assisted by the Rev. Hugh Hornby Birley and the Rev. Reginald Stowell [Times 09 Jul 1900]. Hugh Kennedy Birley was born at Standish, Lancashire, according to the 1891 England census, and his birth was registered at Wigan in the Sep quarter of 1868 (vol.8c, p.8). He was the eldest son of Frederick Hornby Birley, of Bedford, and Amelia Josephine Birley (they both had the same surname). Hugh was killed in the First World War on 23 Jul 1916, and research by Rachael Hogg (personal communication) says that it was at the battle of the Somme, and that he was a Captain in B Company, 19th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. She also says that his name is on the (Lutyens-designed) Thiepval memorial to the missing, (Pier 13, Face A) amongst the 1877 names of those missing from the Manchester Regiment.
I do not know whether he and Ellen had any children. Ellen died in 1935 (GRO deaths index March quarter, Manchester S., vol.8d, p.183) and the one tree pedigree on gives 23 Mar 1935 as the date and Penrhyn as the place. I think Penrhyn must have been a house in Irlams o' th' Height, nowadays part of Pendleton in Salford.
Hugh Richard Stowell(145) Born in 1867 and died before his first birthday (GRO deaths index, Mar quarter of 1868, Salford, vol.8d, p.48).
Richard Tatham (Dick) Stowell(146) According to J A Stowell's chart B-S831 (Oct 1993), he was born on 01 Jun 1868 at Salford. He was baptised by his father on 29 Jul 1868 at Christ Church. In the 1891 England Census he is described as an articled clerk to a solicitor, and in the 1901 England Census he is described as a solicitor and is living in an apartment at 9 Brentwood, Pendleton, Salford. He is described in the grant of probate to his father's will as a solicitor and the Directory of Directors for 1931 lists him as a director of Cunliffe, Greg & Co, solicitors and notaries of 56, Brown Street, Manchester, and also as being on the local board of the British Law Insurance Co. Ltd. According to J A Stowell's chart, Richard married Ruth Mary Kessler(679) in 1909 at Stockport (there is a GRO marriages index entry in the Jun quarter of 1909, Stockport, vol.8a, p.199), and had three daughters and one son. The daughters were , Ruth Marion (Marnie), Grace, who died young, and Mona Jean. Marnie married Robert T. M. Nance and had 3 daughters. Mona married James B. Neville and I do not know whether there were children. The son, Richard Edgar Stowell, married Daphne M. Bennett and had three daughters, all of whom married. Richard Tatham Stowell died in 1941 at Knutsford.
Hugh Stowell(147) Born 24 Nov 1869. Married twice. By his first wife, Lillie Tyrer Christie (676), who died in 1908, he had a son Hugh Alfred (Hugo). By his second (or possibly third) wife Winifred Emily Holland(681), he had five daughters. Died 1936 at Bucklow. He was a Civil Engineer.
Reginald Stowell (Rex) (180) See his separate page.
Percy Stowell(19) My paternal grandfather, born 2 Oct 1872. Married Rose Emily BERTRAM (20) on 2 Dec 1903 by whom he had three children. Died 23 Dec 1942. See his separate entry above for details.
Herbert (Bertie) Stowell(148) Born 1874. The Directory of Directors for 1931 lists him as secretary and director of the Fine Cotton Spinners' and Doublers' Association, Ltd., of St. James's Square, Manchester and as on the board of Société Cotonnière d'Hellemes, Ltd., Lille, of Stockport Cotton Doublers, Ltd. and of Victor Mill Ltd. He married and had a daughter Pamela.
Catherine Stowell (Kitty) (149) Born 1875. Married John Kenneth Knowles Marshall in 1901 and went to Canada (Vancouver Island). Daughter Rena married a Mr Clegg and had a daughter Robin and son Michael.
Edwin Stowell (Teddy) (150) Born 1877. Did well in the first World War, but was otherwise much unemployed and supported by his brothers. Did not marry.
Leonard Stowell (151) Born 1879. A chartered accountant. Passed the Preliminary Examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1897 [The Times, 19 Jul 1897]. Married Mary ...., but had no children. Another woman lived with Leonard and his wife. As a chartered accountant, his office was at 1 Booth Street, Manchester, where he was a partner in the firm Stowell and Bayley with Hugh Bayley. From newspaper mentions, he seems often to have been involved with the winding up of companies. He was also interested in the Manchester Ear Hospital, as chairman of the General Committee [Guardian 13 Mar 1942; Guardian 17 May 1944]
Lucy Stowell(152) Born 25 Nov 1880 (Wycombe Abbey Register) and baptised by her father at Christ Church, Salford, on 02 Feb 1881 (baptismal register of Christ Church on microfilm at Manchester Central Library, where a margin entry says she was born on Oct 1880). There is a GRO births index entry in the Dec quarter of 1880 (Salford, 8d, 173). In Jan 1897 she entered Wycombe Abbey School and won a place at Girton College, Cambridge, matriculating in 1899, and taking a 2nd in the history tripos in 1902 (Wycombe Abbey Register,1896-1910). She married Francis Robert JAMIESON(153) on 17 Dec 1907 (GRO marriage index entry, Dec quarter 1907, Ormskirk, 8b, 1275), the celebrant being her brother Rex. Lucy and Francis had two children, Francis Stowell Jamieson, b. 19 Oct 1908, and Lucy Norna Jamieson, b. 23 July 1910. Following the death of Francis Robert Jamieson in 1927, Lucy was unable to support herself, and remarried on 04 Oct 1928, Denis Machell HOLLINS, a cousin through his maternal grandmother Anne REMINGTON (1104). Lucy died in 1961 (GRO deaths index, Jun quarter 1961, Lambeth, 5c, 1054).

About most of the children in the table above I know very little, and in his later life my father did not have good enough recall to sort out his many uncles and aunts. The first three chidren were born while Thomas Alfred was curate at St. Stephen Bowling, Bradford, and were presumably baptised there though I have not yet had sight of the baptismal register for that church. The remainder seem to have been baptised by their father at Christ Church, Salford, after he took over as Rector following his own father’s death in 1865.

Rev.Canon Hugh STOWELL

Now we come to Hugh Stowell jun.(70), probably the best known Stowell, at least in the family, because his portrait used to hang in my father’s house. Hugh appears in the Dictionary of National Biography and has an entry in Manx Worthies. His obituary appeared in the Manchester Guardian of October 9th, 1865, of which I have made a transcript. This was sourced from a not very good microfilm copy at Manchester Central Library, and a few of the words I have not been able to decipher. J B Marsden's 1868 book on him is also available on the web nowadays.

There is also quite a lot about Hugh on the web. There is a description of Christ Church, Acton Square, with pictures, on the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal Website. Hugh jun. was also a hymn writer, and you can find some of the hymns he wrote on the web, where there is also a portrait of him.

  Hugh Stowell thumbnail  
Rev. Hugh Stowell(70)

In 1828 Hugh married Anne Susannah ASHWORTH (71), the eldest daughter of Richard Johnson Daventry ASHWORTH. My cousin John Arthur Stowell has a photocopy of the entry in the marriage register of Eccles, which gives the date as 3 Dec 1828, the marriage being by licence. The names of the bride and groom's parents are not given. The witnesses were Thomas Alfred Ashworth, B.A., Sarah Thackeray and William Evans Ashworth. Thomas Alfred Ashworth was the second son of Richard Johnson Daventry Ashworth (see below), and so the bride's brother. Sarah Thackeray was possibly the Miss Sarah Thackeray, a parishoner of Hugh Stowell's, referred to in the brief biography of Hugh Stowell which was posted on the web as part of a Salford Local History page. I have not at present found out who William Evans Ashworth was.

At the time of his marriage in 1828 Hugh will have been the incumbent at St. Stephen's, Salford and Anne’s father Richard is said to have been a barrister living at Strawberry Hill, Pendleton.

Canon Hugh and Ann Stowell had nine children, six daughters and three sons. Their youngest child, a son, died in infancy.

Children of Hugh Stowell(70) and Ann Susannah Ashworth(71)

Name Notes
Hugh Ashworth STOWELL(162) Born 27 Sep 1829 and was baptised, presumably by his father, on 16 Nov 1829 at St. Stephen's, Salford. Died 16 Mar 1886, at Shadlow, Derbyshire, aged 56. Went to Oxford, graduating B.A. in 1852, M.A. in 1855, and was a clergyman. He was appointed Chaplain of the Dhoon, Maughold, Isle of Man, in August 1858. On 13 Jan 1859, according to one of the pedigrees drawn up by John Arthur Stowell (his chart B-S829 dated May 1995), Hugh married Annie Isabella La Mothe(903) (1835-1889). They had three sons, and for further details see the page on Hugh Ashworth Stowell and his descendants. In 1865 he was appointed rector of Breadsall, Derbyshire, and moved back to the mainland. He was a Member of the Botanical Society of London and his portrait was supposed to hang in the Hunt Library, wherever that is. Probate on his will was granted on 26 May 1886 to Annie Isabella Stowell widow, the relict.
Thomas Alfred STOWELL (68) My paternal great-grandfather was born on 15 Jul 1831 and baptised by his father Hugh on 7 Dec 1831 in what was then the Chapel of Christ, Salford (the church had been consecrated on 4 Nov of the same year). For details of his life see his entry above.
Annie Amelia STOWELL(156) Born on 4 Oct 1833 (or it may have been the 11th), and was christened by her father on 11 Nov 1833. She died in 1861, a few months after her marriage to the Rev. J. Keene (or Keane) of Oldham.
Emily STOWELL(157) Born in 1836 and was christened by her father on 25 Dec 1836. An Emily Stowell was buried from Christ Church, Salford on 17 Dec 1847, and if it was the same Emily then she died when she was about 12.
Cecilia Alicia STOWELL (158) Cecilia was born on 8 Apr 1839 and christened Alicia by her father on 5 May 1839 [Baptismal Register of the Chapel of Christ, Salford, entry no.324, from film of parish registers MFPR171 at Manchester Central Library]. As Cecelia STOWELL, she married Robert PHILLIPS (1333) on 13 Nov 1863 [GRO marriage index, Barton, Lancashire, Dec quarter 1863, vol.8c, p.550]. Their children included:
  • Hugh Stowell PHILLIPS, born in 1865 [GRO births index, Salford, Lancashire, Dec quarter 1865, vol.8d, p.27].
  • Robert Noble Fergusson PHILLIPS, born in 1867.
Lucy Maria STOWELL (159) Born in 1842 and baptised by her father on 1 Jan 1843. I know nothing else about her at present.
Nessy Sophia STOWELL(160) Christened by her father on 15 Jun 1845. I know nothing else about her at present.
Emily Mona STOWELL(161) Christened by her father on 20 Sep 1848. The re-use of the name Emily was presumably because the first Emily had died the year before. This Emily married a Charles F. Reynolds. Her death notice appeared in The Times of 15 Mar 1894 saying that she died on 11 March on her way home from Hyeres, that she was a widow and the last surviving daughter. She was 46. I know nothing else about her at present.

Hugh Stowell jun. died at Salford on 8 October, 1865 and was buried  in a vault below Christ Church, Salford. A detailed description of his elaborate funeral and burial is given in a pamphlet of unknown authorship which is in the local studies section of the Douglas Library, in the Isle of Man.


There is no Maughold record of an Edward Stole (or Stoil) being christened at about the right time, but there is an unnamed male, son of Jon Stole, who was baptised on 9 Dec 1694 which could possibly be Edward. Alternately, he may have been christened in another parish. For the moment I have guessed 1694 as his birth year.

An Edward Stoil married Ann Caisment at Maughold on 2 Jul 1726. An Anne Caisment, daughter of Jon Caisment and Ann Callow, was baptised at Maughold on 23 Jun 1695, and the IGI quotes the parish register for this marriage. I have not yet checked the original source. There are baptismal entries for three possible children of this marriage.

Possible children of Edward Stowell(219) and Anne Casement (Caisment)(220)

Name Notes
William Stowell (nn) baptised 28 Jul 1731
Thomas Stowell(74) Baptised 20 Jan 1733
Edward Stowell(nn) Baptised 19 Sep 1736

That pretty much takes us to the limit of what can reasonably be put down at the moment. Parish records may enable me to trace back for about one more generation and otherwise I hope to be looking at wills and manorial rolls when we visit the Isle of Man later this year (2004) And it now looks as if this Edward Stowell and Ann Casement are not in the direct line. Anne's will is on microfilm at the Library of the Manx Museum and it seems pretty clear that she had only one son, Edward, or at least only one son at the time her will was drawn up in February 1772 (she died on 21 May 1772). So other parents for Thomas Stowell must be sought.

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